Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tutorial: How to make a PVC wye*update*

Hay guys. Heres the tutorial on how to make a PVC wye
Supplies needed:
(Far left,Plumbers goop(any other adhesions would work, left hacksaw(bandsaw,dremel would work as well),Right PVC fittings, (PVC tee, 90 degree elbow. and end cap all 1/2 inch.)
Top, 1ft length of 1/2inch PVC)
Take your PVC tee and elbow and mark were you are gonna cut.
After cutting these are the pieces were gonna need.
Glue the pieces together and let it dry for 2hours to overnight.
After your glue is dried, your done!*update* the old setup broke, so i fixed it by putting more goop on the joint and added ALOT of e tape to it. Also i added a 3/4 " ball valve, and an adapter t 3/4 to 1/2, to the clip.
I know theres other methods of making these or just buy one here
Hope this helps. Comments? Flames? down Below.
Thats it for now. Later!


  1. Great post plopper but can you please make the pics a little smaller please thanks!

    1. Got it. Also i have to update it. ill do that later

  2. Neato. you gotta love hack saws. XD Nice little write up.

  3. Sly37
    cool post i was surprised at how clean it looked :]

  4. I made a wye the exact same way before! However, I also figured out a different way that feeds a million times better, at least for me. You can see it here:


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