Wednesday, February 15, 2012

modified nerf barrel break

                           Today I'm going to show you my modded Nerf barrel break!

                                                     Here's the mods I have done.

                                                                    Barrel post.
                                                                Stretched springs.
                                                          Plugged air release holes.

                                                                 Here's some pics

A spring launched across the room so I had to use that one.


  1. I suggest not stretching springs. Once it compresses back to its normal length, (which it will) it is weaker.

  2. I noticed in the last pic you didn't have the tac rail clip piece. XD I find it pretty funny how easily it seems those springs like to get away. I replaced one of them with an AR spring once cause i couldn't find the original spring. I ended up finding it a couple months after I sold the gun XD

  3. I know what you mean!
    But on this one a different spring got lost so I had to use that 1!

  4. I went to Toysrus first time in a long time and saw the barrel break. Would've bought a sonic series one but need cash. Dunno how you mod a barrel break though.

  5. Very easy if you can put it all back togther.

    I did basic mods ARs Barrel post and all that.


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