Monday, February 27, 2012

PETG review!

                                                       Hey I just got some PETG!
            If you are wondering where I got this I got it at a pet store and ask for aquarium tubing.
                                                     I got about 3ft for 3 dollars

                                  And thanks to Pause for telling me where to get it!

This brand is so tight I had to do a straw mod!
I love how you can see the dart!
Also should I start selling this and my foam?
-Leave a comment please-


  1. Well, I've always been looking for PETG and not been able to find it. I'd love if OMW or you or anyone could make it more accessible, but if it's tight on stock darts it's really not more useful than CPVC, is it?

  2. Honestly I like how PETG is clear but I guess sometimes different brands are tighter and looser.

    I would get cpvc because theres couplers elbows and all that good stuff and fits the darts better.

    Anyways thanks for the comment -imodify-

  3. Also home depots FBR fits perfect and I mean perfect in this petg.


  4. Must get more HD foam. But on topic, must get....must want!

  5. I thonk you should sell some of that and your foam. i recently got a BBB and modded it.( im WAY behind on posting)

  6. Haha! You're welcome iModify. PETG is really for use in airguns though. Unless you get thickwalled PETG.

  7. What pet store did you find this at?

  8. I don't think you will find it at big brand places like petco,I got mine at a small little pet shop.

  9. PETG is the only way to go for turrets with a lot of barrels. Your gun will be super front-heavy if you use CPVC for those!


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