Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nerf Titan Mod Guide

Today i'm going to show you how to mod the Nerf Titan!

                                                       First up I'll show you the internals.
Full internal view.
Handel internals 
Top right internals view.
Top left internals view.

*Angle Restrictor Removal*
Unscrew this screw.
(Located in the front of the handle)
After you have unscrewed that screw, unscrew this screw.
 (Located under the piece that you just unscrewed)
Now this is what you should have.
Take the ball out!
Now the same thing on the other trigger.
Take this ball out too.
And put it back together!

*Plug Pump* 
Ok, now be careful after you have plugged the pump, if you pump it to much you can break your titan, please stop pumping when the gauge says "Full" If your gauge doesn't work 10 pumps is a good number! 
This is what you should have before any modifications, we are going to work on that hole that the arrow is pointing at.
Now cover that hole with epoxy/Hot glue, and make sure to push down on the hotglue or epoxy for it doesn't come off!

* Rebarreling*

Draw a line here and cut it off!

Now use your dremel, and sand down the inside of the barrel till it can fit a 1/2 CPVC coupler tightly. 
Now glue on your coupler and your DONE!

Sorry for the bad pics!
Thanks for reading




  1. Replies
    1. Well if you have seen my range test vids and if you look there is that chain link fence?

      It hits that flat so about 100-110ft, And angled can be just KRAZY

    2. 110? Flat? thats pretty low for a titan. It should be getting about 150-160(from what ive hered from other people) but idk, BTW are your darts too light? if so thats probably why.

    3. Yeah, I need 3/0 stefans

    4. My Titan hits 200+ without the pump plugged. I use 2-3 washer slugs.

  2. I suggest making an indent in the hot glue for your pump. If you leave it as is, it might dislodge the check valve.
    Good mod guide though.

  3. imodify,
    Thanks for the guide! And Pause, thanks for the head's up about the check valve. Cheers!

    1. Anytime glad I could help! You can help me by following! :)

  4. Nice guide. make heavy thick darts for it though. :), and wheres my maverick mod?

    1. Hey red, Thanks, I will make heavy darts, And I wanted to make a video!

  5. For the 12th picture the plug pump part is it necessary to do it what happens if u don't?

    1. No it is not necessary to plug the pump. Nothing will happen if you don't plug it, it's just for you can get a few more pumps in it and to pump faster

  6. I have a stripped screw, any ideas on how to get it off?

    1. Yep! Follow this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPIpglA6oOM&feature=plcp

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, I didn't mean to delete your comment. But 1/2" CPVC for streamlines. And 1/2" PVC for whistlers/taggers!

    2. thanks and when you say 1/2" CPVC does it go by the inner diameter or outer diameter?

    3. Well, 1/2 PVC has an OD of 5/8's and an ID 1/2"

      Cpvc almost has an OD 1/2" and some smaller ID size that I don't know.

      The C in CPVC is because, CPVC is the size of Copper. Thus you'll find CPVC by the copper!

  8. It's the inside of the CPVC that's 1/2" right?


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