Friday, February 17, 2012

Nerf Rayven Review

So you've read everything about the Rayven and watched every video out there but you're still on the fence about this blaster. This blaster is awesome but instead of just telling you that I'll show you. Read on to find out why.

This blaster comes with one(1) Firefly clip. Aka an 18 dart clip with LEDs at the top to "charge the darts." The way that works is a switch at the bottom of the battery compartment that you turn on and the LEDs turn on so the darts "suck in" the light so they glow. I first thought it was just a boring gimmick but I've had some fun shooting glowing darts. The darts seem to be made of a heavier and more sturdy feeling foam but it might just be me. It comes with 18 of these glow darts and as of now you can buy 16 dart refills.

Now onto the blaster itself. It has a "bullpup" design meaning the clip is behind the trigger. Because of that design it's flywheel operated but that's not a bad thing. It's semi-automatic and uses an accelaration trigger instead of a switch to power the flywheels like the Vortex Nitron. I thought the accelaration trigger would make it bad but it's much better to pull back your finger than flip a switch and re-aim. It has 2 tacticall rails. One on top on the handle and one on the right side of the blaster. These can be used for scopes,lights,or anything else that can fit on the rail. On the front it has a barrel connector piece. It looks awesome with the Recin front barrel and a 6 dart clip.
I rate this blaster 5 out of 5 Nerf darts. Even though it's flywheel operated doesn't mean it's bad and the glow darts aren't a horrible gimmick. I can't wait to see what else Nerf will do with the Lght it up! series.  Something like Darth Rambo's Alphatrooper wouldn't be bad. Look forward to more mods and reviews from me in the future.


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