Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nerf barricade review

I normally don't do reviews but I got a comment from sly that I should do a barricade voltage mod hopefully that will be next but for now here's my barricade review!

                                So i'll start with the bad thing about the barricade.

1.The trigger will misfires sometimes.

2.Low voltage.

3.No barrel attachment piece like on the end of a recon.

                                                               Now the good things!

1.Holds 10 darts.

2.You can put a stock on it.

3.It gets ok ranges stock.

4.I can unload all the darts in 5-7 seconds.

5.You can do some fun mods with it!

6.It's semi auto!

I give it a  6/10

                                                                       Here's some pics!
                                                                             Right side.
   Left side.
The sights.
I use energizer 1.5 rechargeable AA battery's 


  1. Don't forget about the dual wield. That is a great thing about it too


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