Friday, February 24, 2012

Modified nerf hornet

                                  Today I'm going to show you my modified Nerf hornet!
                                                              new trigger system
                                                                 Plugged pump

I made 1 barrel longer for I know witch 1 shoots first!
I got this at the goodwill for $4.00 and the trigger would only shoot the first dart so I fixed that by putting that screw in there and now the screw is the new trigger!
It launches all the darts 90-100ft!
This thing is a beast with my Stefan's here's a vid!


  1. I would suggest using petg or brass instead of cpvc for a Hornet, but I think that you're just fine as of now. :)

  2. Yeah i'm still looking for petg and brass is a lot of $$ :D

    Thanks -imodify-

  3. I think the range is because of the dart to berrel fit. Although it is a cool gun, it might not be pratical in a war setting because of the slow RoF. But 90 to 100 ft is alot. Great job imodify.

  4. Thanks!

    But in war it shoots a shield on darts very hard to miss!

    To bad I can't shoot it at anyone.

  5. Great job with the mods. looks good, and nice to see a bit of the potential this thing has.


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