Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nerf Search

I was on Taobao searching for some Elite but also found some other interesting stuff.  What is this!? Eliminators in different colors than Dart Tag colors? A bunch of Nerf knockoffs? A blaster that I have in green? Next,Frost_Nerfer gave us a link to WebHallen so I took it and found this. Very interesting,no? A Scatter Blast 2-pack!? Frost also saw that you can buy the Hailfire. I have not seen that in stores. I haven't found any Elite or that Whiteout Spectre yet.

Official Hailfire pic

Nerf has released an official pic of the Hailfire. Little late  though,don't ya think?

Edit: An anonymous in the comments on the UrbanTaggers post noticed that there's a spring underneath the jam door up top. I think it's for rotating clips. What do you think it's for?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Racing nerfers?

Imodify,me,and C-Dog have been using MarioKart Wii's wi-fi to get together and race for a few weeks now. I also have some vids up if you want to see what we do. We don't really chat while racing but stuff like that is still coming together. If you have this game post your friend code in a comment below and here. Mine is 1506-9897-4695. Can't wait to race with ya!

imodify edit.....

My friend code 3353-9818-5951

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and weekend scores

See that? 2 great blasters. Longshot came from grandma. Will probably be modded sometime this summer. Doubt it will be sold unless someone can make a good offer. And an AT3K but silver. Same place I got my blue one from too. It will be sold probably along with my blue one.

Pic is crappy because I used my DSi's camera.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Night Nerf

Every Friday night my family goes "out and about." I very frequently find Nerf at my local stores,but some are nice finds,therefore,this post. After you click that read more button,you will find tonight's finds. Here we go!


K guys, A lot of you give me credit for what my authors post (Portal and Plopper) So before you comment just remember these 3 things.
1. look at the bottom of the page for -imodify-

2. I normally take pics on a white backround!

3.On almost every post I put "" On my pics!
So just look for those 3 things, THEN you can comment!!!!!!!


N-Strike Elite Firing Tests!

UrbanTaggers found some N-Strike Elite firing tests! The dude is shooting at a wall so you can't really see the ranges yet,but it is interesting to see a hands on vid with the Retaliator and Rampage. They've also found a Pyragon vid. Again,not much to say,but check out the clip!
Tip: Guest87 on the NM&R chat

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RSCB What Does It Stand For?!

So what does a RSCB clip mean?!

My guess Rapid Shooting Clip for Basters, Let me know what you think or if you know!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nerf Titan Mod Guide

Today i'm going to show you how to mod the Nerf Titan!

                                                       First up I'll show you the internals.
Full internal view.


Hehe, Guess what gun I got again today :)

 A TITAN!!!!!!

(Mod guide coming soon)


A SuperSoaker grenade!?

A SuperSoaker grenade!? That's right. There's the pic right there!  It's on and some other stuff. While I don't think we here at imodifynerfs focus on SuperSoaker blasters and stuff,this is kinda neat! Some rocket darts,a grenade 2 pack,and *gasp* the grenade's on sale!? Oh,and a splash mat. Don't forget the splash mat. Pretty interesting,ain't it? well atleast a little

Leaked Pyragon pics!

Basic Nerf found some hands on Vortex Pyragon pics! This is just one of quite a few so go check out the post!

My modded Recon

This is my modded Recon. I removed all locks,the jam door,the air restrictor,and sealed the air release hole. And a (somewhat) cool paintjob. More pics and a range test video after the break.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solo's: I got me darts!

Here's a video!
And here's pics!

Star wars :o

pretty colors!
They got a little squished XD


Pyragon now up for sale!

Another good find from dylan :P

Click HERE For the post.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Singled, Sanded, Modded Nerf Recon

So I was bored on a friday night, looking around Arctic Nerf  I saw Icicles " Recon Pistol ". Interested on how it would turn out, i grabed my Recon and sawed away! After I was done, it turned out to be a success!. But enough rambling, Heres my Singled Recon:
I sanded it like my Old NF from a while back. It has the usual mods done to it.
With Raider stock
With Recon stock

Well thats all for now! until next time, stay in school! Cheers!

SNAPFIRE review kinda...

Basic Nerf has a Snapfire review!
Milez from "Milez Nerf" Spotted this!

LINK ===>

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Modded Nitefinder.

So a while back I posted a  Nitefinder a while back but since it has been given to my brother, i had this old style modded NF that was terrible, I decided to revive (re-vamp as Drac calls it) the NF. So here it is:

This side.

The other side.

The coupler is recessed into the blaster. ( I was gonna say gun, don't flame me on that!)
I minimized it like on Pauses writeup.(sorry for the bad pic, camara was acting retarded)

And to say it is my NF....
Yep! Im calling this "Ploppers signature Nitefinder. It shoots about 65-70 ft due to the Tech Target, Stock spring combo(im gonna replace the TT spring with a double shot spring). So yea thats about....for now. Cheers!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pause's give-a-way Nitefinder

I got it! A review will be up soon, But for now here is a slide show!

I'm going to be slow on posting because i'm sick :/ 


Monday, May 14, 2012

Update: What I've Been Doing

So now that MSP testing is over,i'll still be busy with school. I have to do the CBA writing assessment, and science make-up work to improve the grade. But enough rambling about school. Now on to the main event:

So you remember the wipeout/pistol splat i posted? (link here) Since then i made some improvements...

          Yep, i made it 20% cooler and more comfterble. What inspired me to do improvements is Miredthoughs/EoCDragon's video toutorial on how to make a splat( video here and here) to do so.

First improvement: I trimed down the screw port and the little nub peice.

Second improvement: I made a homemade plunger head as seen in Miredthoughts's video toutorial.

Last improvement: i added some e-tape to the spring rest to make more compresion.

So thats what i've been up to lately. I'll have more posts after school stops being hard and busy for me. Untill then, catch you on the flip side! Cheers!


The Great Dart Swap: I Got Me Darts!

Hey guys! I got my darts from plopper today! And i'm sorry plopper I know you wanted me to make a video but I can't.... So here is pics!

What could this be? :)
:o My first slugs!
Pretty colors :D
They have an awesome "air guns fit" in CPVC. So that means they work better in my titan!

So I shot them out of my titan with about a 14'' Barrel (Shooting flat)
And they shot about 90-110ft
With a longer barrel I bet I Could get 120!

Anyways, I hope you guys that joined that dart swap had a good time!
Yes there will be more dart swaps to come!

Thanks plopper

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring sale

Orange Modworks is having a spring sale! On springs! Seriously! See the email below:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Nerf Hopper Clip!

Hey guys i'm back! This is just a little post to get back into it :) I followed ploppers post for the wye here (Thanks plopper)

Portal's Longshot

Today I am showing you my modded Longshot. Everything is in the vid but if you can't watch it here's what I did: air restrictor removed,air release hole sealed,trigger lock removed,and no more jam door. I intend for this to be a summer project with me doing more to it off and on. A paintjob and front gun integration might happen to this blaster depending on my experience.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Promo: NerfUniversal

Hey guys a friend of mine (robo) Has a blog with some authors (Now I thought I new a blog like that...on the tip of my nose) anyways

Here is some kool posts

A awesome 4B done by robo

More info here

A LED mav
Done by BBV

More info here

Anyways they do a lot of mods review and news!
So go follow 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snapfire out already?!?

So the other day I was talking at NM&R and this guest came and started talking about how he got a snapfire (You can ask bazooka he was there) But then he said there was still longshots at his store (He was in the USA)
So me and bazooka didn't believe him.... So today I login and there is 3 guest that say they have a snapfires, So I ask for pics and they all had an answer to that... I have a virus in my photos... I don't have a camera... I don't have an email, So I asked one guest where he got his and he said walmart, THEN I ask the range one said 20ft one said 25ft and the other said nothing.

So maybe it's out, I don't think so but go check, There might just be some!