Monday, March 4, 2013

Nerf Triad Modification Guide!

Hey guys, I just picked up a Triad so I thought i'd do a mod guide. Let's start:
*Pull Handle Mod*
Stock Triad.

Remove these 4 screws.
(Opening the plunger)
Remove this screw.
This is what it should look like stock.
Slide the orange part out and place it back in like this^
 Put it back together. 
*Barrel Post Removal*
(You will only want to do this if you want the Triad to use stefans.)

See those pegs?
Grab your needle nose pliers and twist them out. 
And you're done! Your Triad is now more comfy to prime and can use any dart!



  1. Does the plunger head have a screw on it?
    I was thinking of adding some extension springs for extra power.

  2. 4th picture.
    It wouldn't do much, you can't take out the AR's.

  3. Any chance you'll have a guide up about other mods? Possibly spring replacement and AR removal?

    1. Nope. If you remove the AR's it will shoot all the darts 5ft. And a spring replacement wouldn't do anything, just make it harder to prime. :)

    2. I HIGHLY disagree. I will do a range test to prove that it adds at LEAST 10 feet.

    3. I will have a mod guide up on my YouTube channel within the next few days if you are interested

  4. BTW, i meant the spring not the AR's.

    1. Agreed, I tested out several springs and found that they make a decent difference depending on the spring constant


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