Thursday, February 9, 2012

9 volt nerf barricade

      Now before I start talking everyone say thanks 2 my dad he was a HUGE help with the wiring!
                                           Ok I guess I'll start by telling you the mods.

                                                                          locks removed
                                                                     took of the end piece

                                                                       jam door removed

                                                                 Trigger activated power on

                                                                         voltage increase
                                                                       Here's some pics
                                                                           Right side.
                                                                              Left side.
                                                      My dad did something crazy here :)
I didn't have time 2 make a good vid :(
It can go way faster but I didn't want it 2 misfire.


  1. This is an awsome mod Imodify!!!!! That wiring your dad did looks like some very intricate stuff I hope u can replace the battery easly!!! :) =)

  2. thanks and for the battery we will see ^_^


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