Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And The Testing Begins!

Hey guys! I found some 1/4" cutting board at Ikea today for around $1.50 each, so I got three ------- sheets of it :)

So far, i'm loving this material! Has anyone tried making a rainbow catch with this?         


Monday, August 26, 2013

WANO Nerf War Footage!

Hey guys! I went to WANO 2 and had a blast. I also got some footage, sorry its not the best but I tried:


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Modman712's +bow Review

Hey guys! I recently received a work of art in the mail! Here it is.
It was made by Modman712. 
Overview of the blaster:
•Thumbhole Stock modeled off of NoM's
•Around 80% seal
•K26 spring getting about 7 1/2 inches of draw
•Facerape guard on the back of the blaster made by 1 1.5 inch PVC painted black
•Perfect clean cuts
•Wet sanded the edges of the sideplates
•Rounded trigger and pullback handle
•Rubberband for trigger spring (click read more)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nerf Lightning Blitz Mod Guide!

Hey Guys, BBV here today and I shall be modifying the Lightning Blitz.

-Barrel Replacement
-Plugged Pump
-Replaced Tubing with springs to prevent kinks.

Here we go.
First take your stock/near stock Lightning Blitz and open it up. (Don't forget the screw underneath the sticker)

Here are the stock internals (Photo credit to FA24)

The first mod we will be doing is replacing the tubing.
You want to cut of just above the nubs rather than pulling the tubing off- this will break off the tubing nubs. Once you have cut off the excess tubing, carefully use a knife to slide down the middle of the tubing that is still on the nub so that it becomes a jacket. Then you can open up the tubing and pull it off.

If your pump nubs do break off, get a small nail that fits into the holes to centre it, and then superglue around it, once the superglue has dried, two part epoxy over it.

Now you can replace the vinyl tubing with some new tubing. Don't forget to put a spring on the inside to stop it kinking. I also put a spring on the outside to secure the tubing to the pump nub, you could also use a ziptie.
ew. Look at the old tubing.

Next up is the pump, lets plug it so that we can achieve higher pressures!
Mix up some two part epoxy so that we can fill the holes in the pump. You need to slide off the pump head so that you can get at the hole underneath.
Use the two part epoxy to fill those holes. There isn't a check valve in the pump so you don't need to worry about damaging it.

Fill these holes!

Now onto the turret.

First remove the large red barrels and then remove the air restrictor pegs.
Now cut off all the barrels up to the red lip, but do not cut off the dart holder in the middle. You will also want to drill out the remaining barrel to your new barrel size.

Now you can start cutting up your barrel. I used 5" of Aluminium.

If you want to use Aluminium, you will need to enlarge the tank rings using a knife or a dremel, but only do this a slight amount. Be careful not to cut into the tank.

Once you have got all five barrels cut and you have checked that they are straight using the barrels, you've checked they fit with the shell, you can epoxy them in. 
Re-assemble the blaster and you should have something like this

Some external shots!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hey guys! I'm Defender_7. Defender7K on YouTube. I make homemades, do reviews and I mod. But I'm proudly here to say I'm authoring on this blog!  I've done mods such as a Sceptor, A Guru, Crossbows and Splitfires and I've made some homemades such as a Double Rainbow and a PACSnap. I hope you enjoy my posts!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dart Swap Ends!

Well, I'm a little disappointed on how this one turned out. I got a lot of requests to start a dart swap again, and only 3 in total joined. But it's alright!

Anyways, I will be sending addresses and when you receive my email try to sent out the darts as quick as you can!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dart Swap Extended!

Hey guys, I still want to make a video on this, so it will now end on 15th of this month (7 days).

 So tell your friends to sign up!