Saturday, February 11, 2012

Modded Nitefinder and Some Big News From Nerf.

Hay. This is my first post being partners with imodify, But lets get serious;Heres my modded Nitefinder. Check the pics.
NOTE: this gun is meant for indoor wars!!!
Mods done: Ar removal/spring addition/Sanded(idea from popitachi from Nrev)
Other side

Stock Nitefinder and Sanded Nitefinder.

Thats it for the NF. Now on to the news. Nerf has confirmed the N-strike elite blasters will come out in 9/9/12. Also Tactical Tag uncovered another new vortex "gun". The vortex Pyragon. See more at Jerms blog:

So what do you think about the Vortex gun: Is it real or just a legend? You Decide in the comments.

Well thats all for now! Cheers!


  1. Nice post also are you going to paint it?

  2. Sly
    Cool post plop did u just sand it for the looks of sanding it or r u going to paint it? How r the the ranges?

  3. @imodify thanks bro and mabey in the feuture :)
    @sly sanded it for looks and the ranges are not bad but the seal is terrible


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