Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nerf rayven review (2)

                     As you know portal just did a review on the rayven but now it's time for mine!
                                                                    Hope you like it!

                            So 2 start I'll just say it's an awesome gun but the power is kinda weak.
                                                                    The good things.   
1.The clip holds a lot of ammo.

2.It has a front attachment piece.

3.The dart's glow.

4.It has a lot of tac rails.

5.It's semi auto.

6. The clip works in any clip system Nerf gun.

                                                                 The good/bad things.
1.It's flywheel

                                                                    The bad things.
1.The power of it is weak stock.

                                                                   Here's some pic's!
                                                                     The left side.
The right side.
Front view.
A dart flap before the flywheels
 maybe for cleaning the darts?
-Leave a comment on what you think it does-
Inside the magwell.
The battery cover.
I use 1.5 rechargeable battery's.

You can't see it but there's purple in the front.
Dart's glow WAY better than in this pic.

And that's my Nerf rayven review!




  1. Great reveiw! is the price high because i might get one? -plopper

  2. Well it's 32.00 It's REALLY weak stock so you better do some voltage mods 2 it!

    And thanks!

  3. I think the little rubber/felt dart flap is to insure proper feeding.
    I wouldn't rip it out because I don't think it decreases range much/at all.
    Pretty cool review iModify, I still have yet to find one in my area.
    Then again, I haven't been to a store in a while. :)

    1. What he said. I'm pretty sure it does that.

  4. Yeah I like the little flap!And I dont think it does much ether.

    Hope you find 1 soon!

  5. I was surprised by how small it was when I got it out of the box and the glow darts. I can't wait to play around the units at night with mine!

  6. Yeah it's very small and very light!

  7. $32? I spent $29 on it at target. Anyway, the flap right before the flywheel is meant to keep the darts straight as they go into the flywheels. It supposedly helps the darts fly straighter (I don't think anything could help a streamline fly straighter XD) and I've seen people remove it as it does add to the difficulty of pulling the trigger, which is a little heavy, and after about 50 shots has given your finger a good workout.
    I loved the Rayven I had, and am definitely going to get one for myself eventually.

  8. Yeah 29.00-32.00 it all depends on where you buy it.

    And yes nothing can make a streamline better!!
    Good 1 :D

  9. i have a rayven i moded the barrel and the case and also the triger so its easier to shoot!! the clip's long case makes it hard to shoot in a sniper position but its definetly worth it!

    1. As a sniper you'd probably want to use a six dart mag anyway.


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