Tuesday, February 14, 2012

nerf barrel break review

                                            the barrel break is my new favorite nerf gun!
                                                                         Here's why

1.Comes with the dart holder

2.range is awesome stock

3.You can shoot 2 dart's at the same time

4.easy and fast 2 reload
                                                                  Now the bad things
1.I can't think of anything!!

                                                                    Here's some pics!
                                                                       The left side.
                                                                 The right side.
                                                                        The back.
                                              And that's my Nerf barrel break review!
                                          thanks for following watching and viewing!


  1. Barrel Breaks are pretty awesome. I need to pick one up someday. They look pretty cool all painted up too.

  2. IMO, Barrel Breaks don't have fast ROF at all, unless you get unrealisticly fast at reloading them.

  3. Sorry didint mean 2 put that :D


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