Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kimosabi's Nerf Armory!

  • Hey everyone! I'm going to be showing you my Nerf Armory. I have a total of 30 blasters:

-FuryFire (2)
-Raider (1)
-Raider Pistol (1)
-Praxis (1)
-Vigilon (1)
-Deploy (1)
-Proton (1)
-Rads 12 (1)
-Reflex (3)
-Reflex Manta (1)
-Pullback Reflex (1)
-Sharp Shot(1)
-Quick 16 (1)
-Clear Recon (1)
-Rayven (1)
-StrikeFire (1)
-Alpha Trooper (1)
-Stampede (1)
-BigBadBow (1)
-Nitefinder (2)
-Maverick (1)
-Longstrike (Spectre integration) (1)
-Spectre (integrated into Longstrike) (1)
-Retaliator (1)
-Rampage (1)
-Pyragon (1)
-Titan (yet to come)
-Magstrike (hopefully I get it from Plopper :P)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modding Store!

Hey guys, so I'm working on the iModifyNerfs Modding Store! I will be listing items soon, I've give you a update post when I add new things!


Monday, August 27, 2012

iModifyNerfs Modding store?

Hey guys, so I was thinking that for some modders it's hard for them to find PETG, foam, PVC wye, etc.

So what if I opened a "store" of a bunch of modding materials? What i'm basically asking you is...

1. What would you like me to sell?

2. Should I do it?

3. Would you buy something from my "store"

Thanks for your time

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Make Homemade Nerf Rockets/Arrows!

Hey guys, this is a little post on how I make my homemade rockets!

First get some "pipe insulation foam" now the size of it depends on what blaster your using.
This is what it looks like ^
You can cut it to whatever length you want, I cut it to 7"
Now cut a 1" piece of 1/2 PVC
Now push it into your foam!
Find some Craft foam!
Cut out a  O shaped piece of craft foam that fits the top of your rocket, and cut your wings. I use 3 you can you as many as you want!
USE TEH HOTGLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Glue your craft foam on the rocket like that ^

Glue on some wings and your done!

Make sure to angle those wings!


Thanks for reading

Friday, August 24, 2012

Homemade Nerf Rockets!

Hey guys, today i'm going to show you my Homemade "Nerf" rockets! Here's some pics......
Angled fins! Way better than stock BBB rockets.
 Padded with craft foam, and under that is a 1" piece of 1/2 PVC as weight. 
The far left homemade rocket is shorter than the others :P

 And here is a range test/ firing demo!

I messed up in editing so yeah, sorry for the sloppy post.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kimosabi - a new member of iModifyNerfs!

Hi people and fans of iModify! I am Kimosabi, also the new author of this awesome blog. I cant wait to start sharing some of my different ideas and modified blasters. I have a Youtube account, which you can see here : I hope you all enjoy my videos and posts on this blog! You will receive weekly posts (usually) on Modifications, new Nerf news, and reviews and overviews (not as frequently, but you'll see them here and there). So I hope you look forward to seeing my new posts, and I'll start off by showing you my modified Nerf Elite Rampage! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nerf Sale!

Ok, I really want to make a SNAP now..... so, BUY MEH STUFF TO GIVE ME MONIEZ :P

All the money I get for these items WILL go into making a Snap (I don't know what snap yet)

So........ here's some pics!
First up, My 9vt Nerf Rayven. You can see more info about it here, The internals look very similar to Coop's rayven (Watch his mod guide for the Rayven)

Now there is some wear and tear on this but nothing huge.
Ranges didn't improve that much from stock.
If hit hard the ammo holder will break off.
No darts, clip, batteries included.


This is my lightly modified Nerf Nitefinder.

It has the AR's removed, CPVC couplered, Increased seal, added a random spring, minimized.

It has a 98% seal, catches every time, and if you added a Home Depot spring etc, this thing would be beast!

(Ranges coming soon)

No... Darts, CPVC, etc included 


For $4.00 extra dollars i'll add a custom speedloader and stefans!

Modified Nerf Barricade

Mods.... removed jam door, removed locks, minimized
( I can make it trigger activated for $3.00 and will make it 9vt modded for $4.00
Light scratches etc.

$10.00 no darts, batteries, etc.

Modified Nerf Hyperfire.
Mods... CPVC couplered, added spring, increased seal

Heavily used

There is some problems with this, you gotta prime it kinda hard, and the cocking handle  you have to push forward on your own. That's about all


Spectre stock PENDING BUYER

Nerf Accessories

Lightly used

$3.00 each

Stampede for parts

I have no idea whats wrong with it or if anything missing


Hornet Parts


Modified Firefly Turret

This is not a "drop in mod" it is a failed attempted at this


Modified Firefly Plunger

I guess this is a "drop in mod" because there is nothing I recall having to do besides taking out the turret (I may be wrong)


If you are interested in any of these items (or if you need a part I might have it) Please email me at nerfmods12 (at)live(dot)com and well will talk from there


The Fire-Titan! (WIP)

So, I have a few more thing to do to this. But this is what I got so far :D
Still gotta move the pump into the shell.
Good thing the Firefly's trigger is so long XD
Like my skillz?
And that pin isn't going ANYWHERE!
Gotta keep the gauge! 
Still works!

Tell me what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading

(Video should be coming soon)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Modified Nerf Rayven!

Hey guys, i'm just doing a post of this just encase you haven't seen it yet!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Modded Speedload 6!

Hay guys. I finally posted my Speedload 6! Modifications are what you expect. Heres a picture of it:

More info at my blog here.


Radio Shack Finds!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting (Lazy) But i'm back and many more posts to come! Here's some things to look out for....

New "Super Rayven"

A cool way to carry your blasters

Maverick mod guide (I'm having trouble finding the pics)

Anyways, this is what I got!

Dual Temp Soldering gun
15ft of Red/Green/Black Wire
5 Snap on 9volt Connectors 

Thanks for reading,


Can you guess what i'm going to be using this for? Winner gets a cookie!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homamade Nerf Attachments!

Hay guys its plopper and i just made some homemade attachments!

What I made was a & 7 dart absolver, a 3 dart absolver and a 3 dart inline clip.

More information at my blog here

Untill next time, see ya!


The one with the silver duct tape has 7 barrels and is leaky. :(

The inside portion of the inline clip

New Blog!

Hay guys. Plopper here. I made myself a blog! Im not quitting imodifynerfs. So please help me by following my blog. Its incomplete at the moment but sooner or later it will be perfect!
Click here to go to my blog!
Thanks for reading!