Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nerf Search

I was on Taobao searching for some Elite but also found some other interesting stuff.  What is this!? Eliminators in different colors than Dart Tag colors? A bunch of Nerf knockoffs? A blaster that I have in green? Next,Frost_Nerfer gave us a link to WebHallen so I took it and found this. Very interesting,no? A Scatter Blast 2-pack!? Frost also saw that you can buy the Hailfire. I have not seen that in stores. I haven't found any Elite or that Whiteout Spectre yet.


  1. The Eliminators are not knock offs. They came in those colors.

  2. lol, portal, you seem to own this blog more than your own! :P

    1. No. It's just I don't have any mods to post so I'm doing this type of stuff.


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