Monday, May 14, 2012

The Great Dart Swap: I Got Me Darts!

Hey guys! I got my darts from plopper today! And i'm sorry plopper I know you wanted me to make a video but I can't.... So here is pics!

What could this be? :)
:o My first slugs!
Pretty colors :D
They have an awesome "air guns fit" in CPVC. So that means they work better in my titan!

So I shot them out of my titan with about a 14'' Barrel (Shooting flat)
And they shot about 90-110ft
With a longer barrel I bet I Could get 120!

Anyways, I hope you guys that joined that dart swap had a good time!
Yes there will be more dart swaps to come!

Thanks plopper


  1. Glad you like my darts!

    1. Plopper, interested in sending a few for review on the ole youtube channel?

  2. Coolio!
    I hope the Nitefinder arrives soon!
    Hopefully it'll arrive by tomorrow or Wednesday.

  3. Well, by the looks of them, they would not be war legal. WAY too much exposed metal. You need bigger felt pads and have to embed the washer for them to be legal in most wars.

    1. I'm not using them for wars. Only for fun

      I like them, And I know he tried his best.


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