Friday, April 6, 2012

Modded Wipeout Gun: Pause Style!

First off i apologize i haven't been posting much lately (im lazy). Second all credit goes to Pause of Pacific Nerf and TantumBull of NerfHaven ( I also followed most of his write up here) But lets get seroius here, Heres my modded Wipeout gun.
The gun itself Just like Pause's
The other side
It has a CPVC coupler like Pauses and TantumBulls Pistol Splat

It has a 5in Cpvc berrel like Pauses Wipeout gun.

Really I can say it dose shoot about 70- 75ft. But Basically this is like pauses gun, but a different paint job. This is my new pistol for wars.

Thats it for the gun. Much more to post today! Cheers!


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