Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Modded Nitefinder.

So a while back I posted a  Nitefinder a while back but since it has been given to my brother, i had this old style modded NF that was terrible, I decided to revive (re-vamp as Drac calls it) the NF. So here it is:

This side.

The other side.

The coupler is recessed into the blaster. ( I was gonna say gun, don't flame me on that!)
I minimized it like on Pauses writeup.(sorry for the bad pic, camara was acting retarded)

And to say it is my NF....
Yep! Im calling this "Ploppers signature Nitefinder. It shoots about 65-70 ft due to the Tech Target, Stock spring combo(im gonna replace the TT spring with a double shot spring). So yea thats about....for now. Cheers!


  1. Do you actually like drac? I'll never forget what he did to Nerf Mods And Reviews.

    1. Im just reffering to the dractionary, and no.


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