Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My modded Recon

This is my modded Recon. I removed all locks,the jam door,the air restrictor,and sealed the air release hole. And a (somewhat) cool paintjob. More pics and a range test video after the break.
                                                             With my Nitefinder
                                                           With a flip clip connector
                                                          And with a Firefly tech clip

Range test video. That is one odd-ish thumbnail :P


  1. Looks sweet man! I got a surprise that I will be posting today which is somewhat similar to this :P I was working on it all day yesterday! Nice work!

  2. Nice, I would really get padding right now, And did you take the clip release button out?

  3. Nice portal!
    I think you should make it it's own personal clip, you know, make it have the same color.



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