Saturday, March 30, 2013

Elite Strongarm & Firestrike Integration!

   This here is my elite sidearm that I made. It's nothing special but is quite effective and fun to use. Below is an integration of the Elite Strongarm with a minimized Firestrike integrated into the bottom of it. More after the jump.

^I actually like how you see some rays of light on the pic above^

Firestrike modifications:
AR removal (+ the peg)
Air Hole Plugged
Slight minimization

   Not much had to be done to it since I'm wanted to integrate the firestrike as a back-up shot for my Strongarm.


Strongarm Modifications
AR removal
Dart Peg Removal (plus cleaned up barrels)
Lock Removed
Air release hole plugged

   First what I did is I modified the Firestrike and then the Strongarm. I did the mods listed above. I then cut down on the Firestrike even more with a sanding bit on my rotary tool to fit in smoothly underneath the Strongarm. After that I epoxy puttied the two halves of the shells together and [carefully] put both of the shells back together. It was not anything really difficult. 

 <--- A more clear pic of the blaster to the right  

 Overall this mod turned out well, and I ended up liking it even though I thought I wouldn't when I started. I am going to get some paint soon to paint the epoxy to make the blaster look better. If there is any questions or anything I should add please let me know in the comments below the post because I feel like a left out something...



  1. Looks awesome, I might steal this...........

    1. Do you mean steal the idea or do I have to go put some metal reinforced locks on the doors in my house and board up the windows?

    2. Well at first I was just thinking about stealing the idea, but now........
      No, but seriously, great work.

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