Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Long Belated Update

   At last, I am finally posted because I realized I haven't done anything for a while. This is just an update post on what I have been working on and why I have been gone for so long. Caution, long list of words coming your way after the break.

   First, I'll start off with an explanation of why I have been gone. The reason is because of the lack of things I've had to post about. I've been modding a few things but none of them are fully complete yet. The second most major reason is school, yes I wish it wasn't a reason, but it is. I've had a lot of school work to do and the school year is wearing me out. Thankfully, there it a spring break coming up next week. Then I can hopefully catch up on projects.

   One big thing that happened lately is I got a few new blasters. A pic of the blasters is provided below:
1. I got a Diatron for $18 at Target
2. My local Walmart finally got the new elites now so I got a Triad for $7
3. A regional store had a sale on Swarmfires because they are getting rid of there dart tag blasters so I got one for only $20 instead of $35

      One more explanation for a lack of posts is.........the weather. Yes, if you live in some certain states of the U.S. winter will hit you hard. So, in my city/state, we have gotten a lot of snow. Because of getting so much snow, it is also really cold and you can only "Nerf" indoors because of it. 
More snow is on the way....yay....
   Luckily though, spring should be right around the corner:

   I have also been busy with a new game I got and re-arranging my room to add a workshop and to make room for some tools. I have also decorated it with this guy to guard my room:
Yes, that is a creepy Balloon-head person sitting on an inflatable chair...Your argument is invalid

   Lastly for some projects I have been working on. I was lazy and didn't make much progress on my LS, although the internals are done. Below is a pic of two of three (maybe four...or five) blasters I am using for it.

   One simple project is a blowgun sword. It is smaller because of the purpose of it. I used two feet of PVC and used CPVC as dart holder that double as a hand guard. I then found some foam at Home Depot with slits and pre-made holes. I then slide it over the barrel. It was really as simple as that. The foam had such a tight fit it shouldn't fall off. (Please no jokes in the comment section)

   I have also made swords with some extra CPVC and foam.

   For the last picture, I am going to talk about some foam grenades I have been making. I also made this with some extra CPVC  and foam. What I did is I took about 6" of foam and put the same amount of CPVC inside the foam. For the higher quality ones, I hot glued the ends to hold the Chlorinated Plyvinyl Chloride inside the foam. I then wrapped it in duct tape. For the lower quality ones I just added duct tape to hold the CPVC in. Below is a pic of a before-and-after thing.
Yes, it is a pinhole picture...

I am also working on some mods which include:

1.Singled Recon

2.Modded Snipe Blast

3."Nano" Jolt

4.Possibly a Firestrike Integration

And close off......Happy St. Patricks Day! ~Zero


  1. Haha! Defiantly one of my favorite posts. Good job Zero :)

    1. Debating whether to take that as a sarcastic compliment...

    2. I don't know why but I really like the Swarmfire even though I still don't have any batteries for it yet :P

  2. Glad you're alive, Zero! Can't wait to see some new projects.


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