Monday, March 25, 2013

Modding Has Been Slow.... For Everyone?!

First off, I normally don't like to do these posts. But I think this is more of a warning.

I haven't really been playing with my blasters that much, mostly because I mess with them so much they end up bad (:P). My local Goodwill is being remodeled (yay?). So I haven't found ANY blasters there, and that's where I get 95% of my blasters.

 Commission and such have been super slow, so I don't have much money to mod. And I have also been exploring new hobbies! I'm not quitting at all. Just saying that posts might be slow!

And a quick thing I should add is. Thanks Plopper for the shout-out:

And its not cool to make "wordy" posts without something to show...... so here's some projects/stuff that is a bit of topic!

Homemade PVC silencer.

And yes it does help, makes a "thud" instead of a "pop". :)
Another view.
All gooped in.

One more cool thing I made to help me film while moving........ The pic looks a bit odd, aye?

That's because I got a fisheye lens! That was just a quick photo, nothing to good.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Sweet!
    The silencer is pretty awesome! what kind of gun is it on? airsoft? I can't tell :P
    and what kind of hobbies are you exploring?

    1. Thanks WM. :)

      It's on a metal BB gun that's c02 powered. Semi-auto!

      Well. Mostly scooting, fingerboarding, and wood working


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