Sunday, December 2, 2012

Modded Buzz Bee Double Shot!

   Hey guys, it's Zero again and today I'm just going over my Buzz Bee Double Shot pistol mod. This mod is not the absolute best it could be and hopefully I can make a better one in the future. Without waiting any longer, here are some pics and explanation of the blaster. Below is a finished pic of my Double Shot (so far). Pics will also not be the greatest because of me being so rushed while doing this mod.

   I do not find the over-under Double Shot very good, so I wanted to mod it and minimize it. I first unscrewed the blaster and took out the barrel. I then added sharpie marks on it for cutting. After I did that I got the pic below. (Size comparison to a Nite finder. My streamline dart and screwdriver are photobombing this pic).

   I cut it down using a hacksaw I had lying around and surprisingly, the cuts weren't that uneven. All I had to do after that was add a 1/2" CPVC tee to the end of it to prime it and add 1/2" CPVC couplers. From there, I added CPVC barrels. Ranges are unknown with it as I haven't measured the distance yet. I am guessing the range is about 30-45 ft with Buzz Bee darts. I plan to add a regular barrel and a 2 or 3 dart absolver. Like I sort of mentioned before, this mod is not the best because I had little time to get this done.

*Credit* I used NeverWriteTwice's write-up on a DS pistol mod for minimizing it

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 ~ Zero


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