Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shout-out: FoamDartGoodness

Hey guys! Today i'm going to be showing you some awesome modifications from FoamDartGoodness. He does a lot of tutorials, so I had to take the final product pictures from his guides. Anyways, here we go!

Lots more after the jump!

Looks like a normal Barricade, right?
Nope. It has a volt meter! This is a pretty clean if I do say so myself..... check out his mod guide: Click! <==
Next up is a re-shelled Titan!
Well. Honestly, I love this blaster.....Titan's rule!
He was pretty smart putting the pump there. I don't know how comfy it is. But it looks great.
There's also a brass breech in the barrel attachment! Please check out the rest of his pictures of the blaster: Click!  <===
Last but not least......
He calls it "FDG:B1"
Check out his mod guide: Click! <==
Wow, that's some great stuff! If you want to see more awesome stuff from him check out his blog:


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