Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kimosabi's Springer bow! (name pending)

Hey everyone! Recently in a trade, I got some new stuff. One of those stuffs was a really crappy half broken snap. Some of you know that I've wanted to make an Aabow for a little while now, but as I saw that I had a few K26s lying around and a really crappy Snap, *LIGHTBULB* 

Tape doesn't look too good, but It makes it a WHOLE lot more comfy.
There is a 1 1/4"- 1/2" PVC reducer bushing mechanically fastened on all sides.
The elbow is screwed into the bushing, and a tee is screwed into the elbow.  Everything is screwed in place so the barrel has NO WOBBLE!
There is a screw running thorough the base of the tee for a guaranteed feed every time. I chose an RSCB over a hopper because I point the blaster at the ground to pull back anyways because a K26 is a pain to pull back. *AHEM* imod *AHEM* :P
It has about 7 1/2 inches of draw. Here I only demonstrate about 6ish.

I use a 1ft long CPVC barrel. It's reamed out "NoM" style.

DiS is UgLY aS DoOdiE, but I cant get it off. It was like this when I got it from the trade. BBV suggested to hammer the eft out of it until it falls off, but I think I'll just keep it ugly. You all know how I don't care about cosmetic work ;) 

Clip holds 5-8 stefans depending on the length and and type. For example,  Im able to fit 5 1.5" dome darts, while I can fit 7 1.5" slugs, and 8 1" slugs.


  1. Hmm, "The Sling" is the first thing that comes to mind...

    if you do make an aabow, you should name it the kimobow. just sounds great. :P

    Nice job though! keep up the posts!


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