Friday, December 14, 2012

Nerf SpeedLoad 6 Review!

Hey guys, this is going to be my review on this Nerf Spedload 6! This blaster is a very good indoor war pistol for close range and slam fire attack!
Here's some pictures:
Right side, angle view.
Left side, angle view.
The grip/handle is a bit larger then normal N-strike blaster. Great for larger sized hands!

The priming grip is a bit different then anything i've seen, but it doesn't bother me that much at all.

How to load it:

This blaster has a very cool way of loading darts (I wish every blaster had this!)

Here's the blaster un-primed.

To load this blaster, simply place a dart on this chamber when it's not primed, and push a dart in!

Now all you have to do is prime the blaster
(this is half way primed)
Cool Features:

The first feature I want to show you guys is...... the dart hole!
(No darts)
(Fully loaded with darts) 
this is an awesome little feature that I love!
Next up is slam-fire!
Slam-fire mode is very simple to work. Here's how to do it:

To use slam-fire, just hold down the trigger when priming the blaster! It's that simple!
Final Thoughts:

This blaster is a great for indoor wars, I feel like it was made for them!

Highest score is 10.0

Range: 7.0
Accuracy: 5.2
  Comfort: 9.5
Rate Of Fire: 8.0
Jamming: 6.1
Thanks for reading


  1. I would have thought the score you gave for jamming would have been worse. I've seen them and it seemed like it jammed too much.

  2. Nice Post! :] I wish mine still worked but i tried modding it a long time ago and broke a few of the internals
    -Slyguy117 :)

  3. Hey new font for the pics!

    Good review! this might sound insanely stupid to ask, but if you opened the gun, couldn't you add a piece of plastic and make it fire stefans instead?

    just thought that could be a cool mod.


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