Monday, November 5, 2012

The Aabow!

The Aabow is almost done! I just have some cosmetics to work out :P

I'll let you look at the pics now. :)
The front/the whole thing is basically a SnapBow with a tee at the end :) 

It can easily disassemble.
Still waiting for paint.... I don't like tape on my blasters.....
I know it's hard to see, but it has 24" long  3/4"CPVC bow arms.
It's leaking just a little in the front bushing, but for now. It's has 99.9999999% seal
Also, what did you think of the pics? And what should I name this?

Thanks for reading

EDIT: Thanks BBV, Ilike the name. It is now called the iBow!


  1. I may have to do that with the front of my bow If I ever decide to fix it

  2. how does it fire? is it the force of the string? or something else?

    1. Yeah, it's just dependant on the draw length and weight.

    2. It's powered by the PVC bow arms, no spring.

      The longer the bow arms are, the less powerful it will be ;)

    3. The string plays no part in power. All relies on the bow arms :3


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