Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quadshot with Panther "integration"

Hey everyone! This post is gonna be on my latest and greatest primary! Hope you enjoy!

Video (brief overview, initial thoughts, firing demo) below. Sorry about the audio not being aligned with the video. Stupid Photobooth always has to be a jerkface :/

You can see it here with a brass breech. It comes out of the four Quadshot barrels and is perfectly straight. It doesn't affect the trajectory of the darts in any way.
Because of the Panther and brass breech, the whole blaster is front heavy. I don't much mind this, but it can kinda get annoying after a while. By the way! I am selling my custom brass breeches! Check out the iModifyNerfs store HERE

The coupler is the real barrel spacer. The tank also provides support.  The pump handle sticks out to the side and is easily accessible. The trigger is right under my thumb when I grip the turret, and is also easily accessible.

Iz diS hoW yOu hoLdz iT??

Thanks for reading! 


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  2. Those panther tanks are something right! I am using them in a few projects now and they have been perfect for modding so far

  3. Sweet, can't wait to see it with the rotation mech in :D

  4. When you showed me on skype the other day I thought it was amazing. I still think its amazing , now just gotta make you some custom spacers!


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