Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Elite Rough Cut: How It Works, Possibly?

Hey guys, i've been looking very hard at the Elite Rough cut internals trying to find out how it works! Now I could only find the two pictures that are on SGNerf's blog, so I can't tell you guys to much.

I feel like I know how the darts magically come out the next set and still get good ranges (looking at the video that's on SGNerfs post) SO, i'm going to be editing these pictures that SGNerf has posted. I take no credit at all!
 First up I wanna try to explain the priming Mech.....

If you look at the arrows, you'll see the first long rod that is grooved. Pushing that back moves the wheel, then moves the second bar (the top arrow). 

Now it seems that the bar at the very top would just go forward and hit the barrels, right? Well, after looking at the other picture I saw, I found a spot where the plunger rod could be primed==>
So maybe that top bar primes the blaster?
 There must be something hidden in the orange casing! At least I think so....
Catch Mech:

When looking at the second picture, you'll see the white piece that sticks out, and a notch in each plunger rod. Here's a pic if you can't find it!

The black arrow is pointing the the catch, and the white arrows are pointing the the catch notes in the plunger rods!

That wasn't too hard, was it!
How it shoots the next row of darts:

Now, I don't have a clear answer for this at all. But I think I can kick out some possibilities!

My first thought was "the plungers move!" well, that can't be it! Because, that catch doesn't move. SO if the plungers moved that catch would have to be able to move too. Right?

But I looked a bit harder and saw these:
That to me looks like an opening for the bottom row of barrels! So, this is leaving me very confused. I think allot is happening it that Orange cover/casing........
Thank you if you've stayed. And if you got nothing out of it, I'm sorry!



  1. my theory: the AR of the top row block the air to the next lower row and the AR of the next row block the air to the next lower row. So the top pair of darts is always the first to be shoot.

    1. The AR's are probably how it works, but I think there's a bit more to it. :D

  2. The best explanation out there!

  3. each column are independent for single shot whit half trigger pull


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