Saturday, November 17, 2012

iModifyNerfs Update!

Hey guys, I will be updating you on a few things! First, Zero is now a member! He will work on the Modification List. So make sure to check it out! He will do some posts about Nerf news too. 

Next up, I had an idea for the iModifyNerfs Store. Coupons! My thought is, who ever has bought from the store, will get a email with some sort of code that you will type in with the order to get whatever % off! What do you think? Please comment below!

Now, thank you so much authors! You all are doing great. :D

Thanks for reading


  1. If you were going to use the coupon ides how would you use the codes? Secondly, I'll probably make an intro post coming up and might make a few posts on some of my modifications.

    1. I would add "coupon code" with the form. And the would be great :)

  2. Hey! this would make a cool post. check it:


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