Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stefan Cutting Boards!

Hey guys! Today i'm going to be showing you two new stefan cutting boards! The first one I will be showing you is the custom length board. These are prototypes :)
Full view.

Left side view.
Right side view.
So how you use this is, you slide your foam in and make the edge of the foam touch the markings, then CUT!
Next up is the double cut board! (I can add more cuts for faster cutting)

Now I want to ask you guys a few questions...

1. Want one do you like better?

2. Should I start selling these?

3. would you buy one?

4. And how much would you pay? 
Thanks for reading!



  1. Which one do you personally like better?
    I think the multiple cut would nicer, but the white one looks nice too. :)

    I think I would take the brown one, if I start making my own darts, And if you start selling them, they should look a little nicer, maybe spray paint it.

    I think I would pay about 10 bucks for one. maybe more, maybe less.

    Also, where do you get that foam? from lowes?


    1. Thanks WM! And as I said these are just prototypes :D

    2. And the foam is from HomeDepot post >

    3. That's A really good idea and like Wing said I would pay about 10bucks. Smart thinking imod :D

    4. I'm so good at ranging money! :P
      but, yeah, I'd pay 10-13 bucks.

  2. I've got to figure out how to make stefans


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