Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bro's Sharpshot

This is my brother's Sharpshot. I scored some red paint and he asked me if I could mod his sharpshot and paint it the red I scored. I couldn't say no to modding a blaster. :P More pics after the jump.

This is the other side of the sharpshot. As you can see,I painted the yellow shells,the trigger,and the ammo holder. The trigger is a little sticky though and after every shot you have to pull it back. :/  Internal mods are sealed the air release hole,removed the air restrictor,dart peg removed,and I added a mav spring. Ranges are 15 feet. 5 feet more than before. Before I modded it it was struggling to get 5-10 feet. It's an improvement,but not big enough.


  1. Nice job man that finish is really clean.

  2. I painted the trigger on my Sharp Shot, and it also sticks, even with additional sanding on the parts that touch. What I did to fix this was I added an extension spring from the trigger to the frame of the gun; an extesion spring is the same kind of spring that is used on the priming bar when you cock the slide back and it returns to it's original position. Same principle for the trigger. Take one loop of the extension spring and loop the front of the trigger to it and then attach the other end to the frame. What I did was I drilled a hole through the gun (right side frame) on the piece of plastic that touches the back of the 3-dart holder assembly. Then I looped it in. This will make the trigger wnat to return to its original position.

  3. My Sharp Shoot gets 40ft.

  4. This is my sharp shot:


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