Saturday, June 16, 2012

Minimized Firefly!*update!*

So i got this firefly from a kid around my neighborhood and it was in good condition, minus the paint job. Back story, when I got the firefly, I modded it according to Drac's video write-up. But yesterday when school got out I got bored so I was looking around Arctic Nerf and saw that Icicle did a Minimization job on his firefly. So then I was like, "hay, I should do that". and dremeled away! After cutting this is what i got:
I looks and feels awesome!

The other side
All AR's are out
You can now see the internals, but I'm gonna cover up all the gaps(that's what she said? :p)
Me holding the firefly.

*UPDATE* I spray painted it. It looks cool I think. :)

Well now that since schools out for me, I have a question for you viewers, should I start doing commissions or not? Leave an answer in the comments section. But that's all for now! Cheers!


  1. Nice, and for the commissions, it all depends if you think you can do almost any gun :) maybe we could do a trade!

  2. cool I've never seen a minimization done to a firefly Good job!!


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