Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Titan!

I found this at the Goodwill about a month ago for 4 bucks, and I L♥VE IT. If you are wondering what modifications I have done then look at my Titan Mod Guide! Anyways here is my titan!

Can it make a hole in cardboard? OHH YEAH

I got it at the Goodwill so it was pretty beat up.
No leaks and the gauge still works :D

More post coming soon! Thanks for reading.



  1. I did very similar mods to my titan! I love how they look with the front handle removed. Nice Job!

  2. Titans are EPIC nice mod and find imodify:D

  3. Yes titans are EPIC, and thanks :D

  4. Wow, it shoots THREW cardboard.


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