Sunday, June 17, 2012

Modded Switch Shot

This was a blue switch shot that came with a the Nerf video game for the Wii. The mods that were done are AR's removed and a CPVCre-barrel . Its getting around 35ft flat. If you were wondering the silencer doesn't work and it is just for looks. I don't know what the silencer is exactly I just found it laying around in my dads bike stuff. It also fit over the CPVC nice and tight so I dint have to glue it.


  1. Try using painters tape the next time you do lines :D

  2. yeah the paint job itsnt to great

  3. dont listen it kicks ass, this is my favourite element mod so far :D. (on looks not on range - robo wins 4 that!).

    1. just noticed - its a switch shot. same thing.


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