Friday, June 22, 2012

Nerf Hidden Shot (1995)

Hay guys so yesterday I was going Target with my mom, then she said "Why don't we go to Goodwill and check there? "then I was like "Go for it". Usually my Goodwill dosn't have ANY vintage Nerf blasters, but when I got there, i found not 1 not 2 but 3 vintage nerf blasters, one being the Hidden Shot, the Rattler(Review coming soon!) and the Sneek Shot! Now i luv my Goodwill <3.
This is what it looks like in "Hidden" mode.

This is what it looks like in "Deployed" mode.
It primes at the front.
It can actually fit micro darts of today!
Ranges: About 20ft to 22ft  FLAT
Accuracy: Ehhh
Reliability:It would only be reliable in close quarters game and/or an indoor war.
Condition its currently in: GREAT!
Modding potential: Not so much modding potential here
*plopper edit* added accuracy
This is how I an going to do my posts for now on.
Firing Demo:

Thats all for now. Cheers! -plopper


  1. Nice, and I like the way you did this post :)

  2. Ya...I like the format at the bottom with the ranges and stuff! I am thinking of making up a chart or something to post all my ranges for all my blasters!

  3. looks like when its in hidden mode its a video camera :D nice post plop

  4. Nice finds! The Rattler is my second favorite vintage. While some complain you can't keep it steady while shooting, I just think it's fun. =P

  5. Great find, Plopper! Great layout, too.

  6. I cant post anything until the weather clears up. ( My internet acts weird in rainy conditions)


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