Monday, April 30, 2012

Modded BBB NF Intergration!

Hay guys, so i got off my lazy bum and now i have something to post! (finally!) This is kinda of an update on the mod(see the original post here) So with out further hold ups and rambuling, heres my BBB!
Its held up by hotglue.
The other side.
Top BBB Bottom NF
This is a secret project. I wonder what it is.(i got done with it a while ago) :)
Thats all for now! Cheers!


  1. Cool! I have got to get a BBB one day.

  2. Good job, that looks really nice, I love the long speedloader!

    but, I like the the orange one better, :P

    can't wait to see your next post!


  3. Nice Job! Looks like Lorddraconical's darkbow.


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