Friday, April 13, 2012

Longshot update

So the poll for the name of my longshot is finished! It will be called.....The mod-shot! I know what i'm going to integrate, But I don't know what to paint it XD, So i'm asking you guys what you think I should do!

Thanks -imodify-


  1. A darker Orange as the main color and then I would say black or red for details and little things. But not bright colors of these...more in a darker shade of them.

  2. hmmm, I would say, Try to make it look like an airsoft gun as much as you can.

    that's a good one.

    and here's another.

  3. I'd say dark blue with silver and black deatailing.


  4. I claim a KP themed LS! XD
    How about a Halo 3 themed LS to go with your NF? That would be cool.


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