Friday, April 6, 2012

Modded Longshot!

Double Post! So my brother got this longshot in 2009 when they were still available. Then a year later i traded him a stock nf for this. Another year later in the summer of '11, singled the longshot following some of ACnerfshops video toutorial. But then i posted it on West Nerf and didnt post it since. But anyway, heres my Modded longshot!
What the gun used to look like (top) what it looks like now (bottom).
The other side
The stock has been cut down from the clip holder.
I opened this up today for Repairs/ cosmetic changes. There was a sharp shot integrated to the bottom of this ,but then i removed it and patched it up with foamish like material i got from a craft place fir a dollar.
The name of the gun.
Thats all for now!


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