Monday, April 30, 2012


So as you can see, havent i been posting. I'll tell you why. First, i havent had the time or the motivation to post( a thing called laziness) and second school. The MSP testing is tomorrow, so I wont be posting for two weeks(maybe) but i'll get as many posts as I can during(hopefully) and after testing. So i'm not dead, i didn't quit nerf. Thats the end for updates 1 and 2.  Now for #3! The dart swap! Icicle i got your darts. And frost nerfer, your darts will be sent tomorrow due to delays. So look forward to that. So that ends up this story. im gonna be posting my finished BBB(Big Bad Bow) later today. Look forward to my posts. Cheers!
*update* turns out the darts are gonna be sent to imodify sorry frost nerfer and imodify! :S


  1. Plopper you have to send the darts to me!

    "Frost" can't join!

  2. good! i like the american flag colord one

  3. Glad to hear! I love painting darts.


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