Thursday, March 1, 2012

Super Simple Nerf Rayven Mod

                      First I want say that this mod has been done before but I don't think like this!
This is what you have when you start.
We are going to be modding that piece that the arrow is pointing at (AKA pressure switch)

Start by getting a screw driver or pencil put it under the pressure switch a lift up.
It's super easy to get out!
Now take out your pressure switch and use a pocket knife/drill/ and make room for the pressure switch.
Then put your pressure switch in like this!
Then take the cover off and your done!


  1. simple. yet effective. especially for people who don't know enough about wires to want to mess around bypassing the switch.

  2. That's the point!

    thanks -imodify

  3. Ah, so you reversed it so that it is always depressed. Nice job.

  4. I hate doing electric mods. I put off even simple ones. Just finding the solder in my jumble is a biatch. This defiinitely makes things easier. Very clever! Thanks

  5. i put hot glue over mine but this is even easier

  6. what does this mod do

    1. It allows you to remove the black jam door.

  7. OR you could just put a piece of tape over the button...
    and im sorry guys, but if you arnt confident enough to cut 2 wires and twist them together, you shouldn't be modding anything, kiddos


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