Monday, March 19, 2012

Modded sonic series Nitefinder

OK,so I didn't do this mod but I scored it. A mod is a mod. This is an air restrictor removed sonic series Nitefinder I scored for $4. Not too much to say about it. It shoots 40-45 feet flat and 50-55 feet angled. In other words,half way across my backyard and a little beyond angled. It shoots a few feet farther than my modded Jolt. In the coming weeks or months I'm gonna try to minimize it and put LEDs in it. Don't hold your breath though. I have never worked with wires nor do I half know how I would minimize this blaster.


  1. Good luck with the LEDs :D, I think you know i'm not good with wiring ether, So if you need help I can ask my dad to tell you how.

  2. cut off the light and ammo holders like drac did to minimize it


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