Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reveiw: Modded Maverick

So me and my mom went over to goodwill yesterday and i saw a maverick for 5 bucks. It was the older model ( blue and yellow). So i picked it up, mom payed for it and took it home. I modded it last night and now its my indoor secondary ( accommodating my nite finder). Anyway ill let the photos speak for me.
This side
The other side
Mods done/ Ar removal/ Full barrel mod/Penny mod

Not much to say i know, but it shoots better than stock. My next review is gonna be something(s) i got from imodify. Thats all for now!


  1. The blue mavericks are my second fav. next to the whiteout. I hope to find out what ranges you hit.

  2. Pretty cool.
    IMO, Mavs are one of the most pathetic blasters out there. Its air output is puny and the turret seal is hard to get perfect.
    Hope you have better luck than I have with Mavs.

    1. I know. Mavs can be a pain when it somes to seals. But to get better air flow , just widen the turret holes slightly. I havent tried that, but i hope it works


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