Thursday, March 8, 2012

Homemade Nerf Accessories

                              Today I'm going to show you my homemade Nerf accessories!
Here's one accessorie that I made, I had 2 LSFG handles and a longstrike sight and I came up with this!

I know it's not as useful as the stampede bi-pod but I think it's more comfy!
And here's the other accessorie A flashlight!

The light accessorie on a Recon barrel

Leave a comment on what you think!


  1. ~this is a pretty slick little piece you made~

  2. ~hey...i didn't see the rest of these pics till after i left a cool is that last photo!?!

  3. Sly
    that is awesome im going to do that to mine to great idea!!!

  4. dude one work SICK(awsome)

  5. I really like this stuff. Very cool. I think you should take that handle attachment you made and take some epoxy putty, and fill it in and smooth it out. I think it would look absolutely excellent after that.

  6. Thank you ben!I'm still trying to get some epoxy buy if I don't get some soon I'll fill it with MORE hot glue :D:D

  7. Way to make those accessories not as useless! Great job integrating parts onto the Tactical Rail.

  8. Nice Accessories! Especially the flashlight, although I usually Tape the flashlight on the Tac. Rail alone. Still, Nice! I'm doing this right now. Thanks for the ideas!


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