Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Great Dart Swap: Get Ready! (Closed)

Thanks WM for the awesome pic!

Ok guys, I have got a lot more followers and friends since the last dart swap!

But what i'm saying is you have a week to get your stuff ready. On 9.12.2012 the dart swap will begin!

If you don't remember how the Dart Swap works, here's the rules.....


1.They have to be Nerf darts or stefans

2.If you are sending Nerf darts they have to have something special about them
It could be colored, Modded, Anything special you can think of 

3.The darts can not be damaged, but can be vintage.

4.You must send 10 or more darts to your swap partner.

5.You must give me a name to call you by.

6. Please send a note of what you have sent with your darts!

How it works
You tell me you want to join at: nerfmods12(at)

You must give me your full mailing address.

You have until 9.12.2012  to tell me you want to be apart of this swap.

There will be groups of two that will be randomly selected to swap.

I will then email you back and tell you where to send your darts.

And if you would like, when you get your darts send me an email back to me with a pic and i'll post it.

People who have joined: iModify, Kimosabi, Wingmaster, BlackBoarderV

People who might join:

So get your foam ready!

And if your worried about shipping, it's normally 2-4 USD

Thanks -iModify-


  1. YES! I love the dart swap!
    I'm sending you an email right now!

    Plus, Now I understand better how dart making works, so I might be a bit better than last time

    And hey, you used my pic again! :)
    I can make you a lot better of one...

    1. YEA BOI!

      @Wing, a new pic would be awesome. Thanks!

  2. I may be in, but don't expect too much from the darts :D

  3. Add me to the might join list.

  4. Well... I guess I might do it.


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