Monday, September 17, 2012

Kimosabi's Epic BigBadBow

The BBB with a Recon light and a Spectre barrel. Ranges flat are from 70-100ish feet depending on the darts

CPVC speedloader, the brass barrel, and the Pex (Spectre) barrel (bottom left). All these barrels shown above are different barrel materials telescoped inside of PVC, except for the CPVC speedloader that I made from the materials that iMod sent me **Thanks iMod :P Also, the Spectre barrel has Pex telescoped inside of PVC. The barrel serves no purpose except for looking friggin awesome when attached to the BBB
1/2 inch PVC (left). Not CPVC because my Home Depot is retarded and they don't sell CPVC, but I have a few feet and some couplers thanks to iModify :D
tactical rail from the Stampede attached to bottom.
A shot of the sawed off Stampede Tactical rail. By the way, these are great because of there their length.

Here's a hint to what next post is going to be on :) Leave a comment guessing what it is!



  1. Sweet dude!

    Hmmm, that kinda looks like...ummm.... Idk :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, but I couldn't find the "page split thingy to minimize the post :( sorry if I took up too much room :(

  3. That has got to be my favorite blaster/ mod I have ever seen! Pure awesomeness!


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