Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How To Carry Blasters + NF Holster + Custom Speedloader!

Hey guys! So today i'm going to do a 3 in 1 post because I haven't been posting a lot lately. So thanks to AgrayHouse for telling us this trick in his video!

So it's basically just a book binder loop ( I can't think of the real name...) you can get a package of 5-10 for about $2-4 dollars. Here's some pics!

My package came with two different sizes.

Attached to a Nerf Vigilon.
On me.

So after doing some testing......
They don't break off easy, but if you jump off a fence the ring breaks off 80% of the time.
After a war or two the ring gets loose and you have to bend it back to stay strong.

They may sound weak, but they are great for wars!
Next up is my homemade Nitefinder holster, I made this out of duck tape and cardboard (like everyone does :P) 

Not much to say about it so here's some pics:

The trigger and the bottom is free so I can shoot when it's still in the holster.

I made the holster snug so the NF won't fall out.
I wanted to try out my scroll saw so I grabbed one of my speedloader templates and some wood and made this:
This is just a prototype! The final product will be much cleaner/better.

Why have a spacer when I can make the classic speedloader? Well that's just fine, but if your using whistlers etc the darts will touch the barrel like so^ (And I like this new looking one better :D)
Anyways, hope you liked this post! Comment below of what you think.



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