Sunday, July 22, 2012

Modified Nerf Speedswarm (2012)

Hay guys. Im back with another review! This is kinda overdue because I got this blaster about a month ago now. But yea so heres my speedswarm!
1. Not as heavy as most electronic blasters.
2. Good Ranges stock
3. Big handles
4. Better battery pack
5. Great for intergrations.

1. Slow RoF
2. Kind of big and bulky
3. Dosnt hold as many darts as the Swarmfire

Mods done:
Air Restrictor removal
Light spring addition
Dart pegs removed
Seal improvement
Holes pluged
Eventually a voltage mod
 The modded turet. I might CPVC the turret (mabey)


Ranges: 40-45ft FLAT 50ft w/ Stefans
Reliability: IDK
Modding potental: Plenty
Rating: 3.5/5

Overall this blaster is great if you want one.
As always, Nerf on, Cheers, peace

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