Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lazy,lazy, lazy.

Hay guys. First off I apologize for my lack of posting this summer. Things have been slow with nerf lately, And with me going camping tomorrow, life getting in the way and lack of projects, Nerf will probably be slow for me this summer. But I will try my best to get as many posts,and hopefully videos, as possible. Another reason why I havent been posting and doing projects is lazyness.:P
But now I have set my goals involving nerf blasters this summer.
My list is:
To get at least 1-2 longshots
To get a BBBB ( Buzz Bee Big Blast )
Get a Reactor (you'll know why)
Get a Titan
Open commisions
Meet Imod
Now this list is current or future projects:
BBB/NF intergration #2
Singled Reactor
Minimized Furyfire (done)
Singled longshot /w Recon intergration
HvZ Longshot
The rape cannon(singled titan)
Finally a Hopperd BBBB

So thats my list. Its kind of a tall order for me ( i might end up doing half of both lists)
I know what you people are going to be thinking "Plopper, You mad. you cant get a longshot. It will be harder to get 2. Also it would be difficult getting a BBBB Since they'er out of production" I know,  I know. But I will be searching the forums, eBay and creigslist  for the longshots and the BBBB.  So to sum things up, what im trying to say is that im alive and no I didnt quit nerf. Just life has been difficult. ( I wont explain why) So yea look forward to my posts and my blasters

Nerf on, Cheers, peace.


  1. i know why you want a reactor......

  2. Plopper I have a nice stock LS for ya ^_^


    1. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Will it come with the frontgun?


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